『Victim for all』Seta Mamiko


Victim for all

Pray for hell
from the past to the future.
Pulverized the incompetence.
Resentment multiplication
Unleash my stayed anger !
My tears dried up,my mind is going to fade.
Mental breakdown, no control in my memory.
An angel’s going to kill, brutally, an angel.
Giving despair to devil.
涙が枯れて 意識が薄れて
記憶が暴走 精神崩壊
天使が天使を 無惨に殺して
悪魔に 絶望捧げ
The inner circle devour the rotten apple.
Victims for all gone to rise a riot.
Surge of violence against wisdom.
The wise man cries out with fire torture.
Reaper’s calling behind an enemy.
Phantom’s smiling over total death.
Left in my voice, floating my fear.
Pained! Slashed! stabbed with no mercy.
Fate in my life, sorting the array
Bleed internally starts in your corpse.
Pray for sun
from the past to the future.
Holy lights descends on one.
Rebellion comes under control.
The world’s regenerated.


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